Topic: Impact of environment sustainability on financial performance of manufacturing sector
Order Description
1. Introduction
• Background and Rationale
• Research Statement/Aims
• Research Objectives
• Research Questions
2. Literature Review
• Range of literature
• Critical review
• understanding about the topic
• Relevance of literature to topic
3. Research Design and Methodology.
-Does the student provide a detailed rational of how she/he intend to achieve the research objective and framework :
• paradigm of enquiry
• Methodology
• Data collection methods
• Data analysis procedures
• Ethical issues (N.B. An ethics Application must be included as an appendix in your submission)
• type of Investigation
• Sampling method
• Accessibility Issues
• Research Limitations.
4. Time Scale
• Rationale and Plan B
5. Your Assignment should be well structured and presented and clearly include academic sources and supporting references, indicated in the assignment and listed in the references section.

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