Research and write an informal report (2-3 pages; single spacing) that is based on the principles outlined in Chapter 10, Informal Reports and E-mail. The type of
informal report you produce should either be an IMRD (introduction, methodology, results, discussion) report, a brief analytical report, or a background/conceptual
report. The style, purpose and format of these three types of informal reports are described in the chapter. In writing your report remember to:
Explain your report’s purpose—what the reader will gain from the report.
Provide context for your report—meaning, describe the situation that prompted your report (see page 273).
Utilize a top-down strategy.
Create an effective introduction.
Develop a consistent visual presentation (see page 275).
For IMRD or brief analytical reports, you can “make up” a situation or use an actual example from work, school or other source. A visual (such as a graph) are not
required, but if you can work it in, please do so.
For examples of what you can base your informal report on, look at writing assignments 4, 6 and 7 on pages 307-308. Actual report examples are also available in the

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