Installing a Speed Bump on My Street
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? Project of some complexity that requires multiple communications.
? Assignment requires at least 5 new communications to submit.
? Communications appropriate to my audience and purpose.
1. Initiating
2. Planning
3. Executing – which can co-exist with controlling
4. Controlling – which can co-exist with executing
5. Closing
?? Please write a communication for each of the following steps indicated above.
Initiating involves identifying needs and assessing whether those needs can be fulfilled within the scope of the project.
Planning involves many activities:
? Identifying what needs to get done
? Developing a timeline for when certain activities need to get done
? Identifying who is responsible for what
? Considering who needs to communicate with whom, and at what point, to ensure all project workers are informed
Executing involves both doing and monitoring the work as it gets done, as well as dealing with updates and changes to the plan.
Controlling involves monitoring time, costs, and completion of tasks, as well as reporting on project status as needed.
Closing involves evaluating the project’s effectiveness and lessons learned
The Project is getting a speed bump installed on my street to slow down traffic just before a turn in the road which creates a temporary blind spot; additionally there are schools in both directions in 1 to 2 block distances.

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