Intelligence Leaders
The IC Leader Research Paper will be graded in accordance with the following guidelines:
Substance (15pts):
? 5pts – Discussed the key leadership challenges and context surrounding the individual’s tenure and how he/she viewed his/her role;
? 5pts – Described the individual’s leadership approach, style and/or techniques to overcome obstacles, build trust, manage conflict, and communicate priorities and decisions (incorporate any applicable leadership theories from class);
? 5pts – Application: Identified insights that today’s strategic leader could take from the experiences of that individual.
Style/Format (15pts):
? 5pts – Ideas communicated effectively; flow and organization of material;
? 5pts – Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.;
? 5pts – 6-8 pages; proper use of citations and classification markings (if classified). Bibliography is complete.
Research (10pts):
? 5pts – Quality and Quantity of sources (relevant, variety of sources, some scholarly, approx. 6-8 cited sources, etc.);
? 5pts – Effectively interprets the research and its significance to the content area.
Suggested Outline of an Academic Paper:
• Introduction (include a thesis statement in the first two paragraphs)
• Supporting paragraphs – analysis, argument, example(s); quotes should not exceed 10% of the paper.
• Conclusion with analysis, i.e. “so-what?” Do not provide any new information in a conclusion.
For citations Turabian is required. Please use footnotes and include a bibliography at the end of the paper. While newspaper articles, on-line forums, etc… can be used as sources, ensure that the majority of your sources are scholarly (books or peer-reviewed journals). As a rule of thumb, you should have roughly one source per page (six pages = six sources) to ensure you researched the topic thoroughly.

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