assume that you work for a company that is planning to expand to sell its products in Germany. To help employees better understand doing business in Germany, you have been asked to create a report for other company employees that details the social and/or business customs of Germany. You have been asked by upper management to write this informational report of the communicational social and business customs and their effects on marketing your product there.
You will provide information in the report that will help management understand the challenges inherent in this international expansion, as they relate to business and social customs. You will also include recommendations, based on the social and business customs, for marketing your company’s product.
Since the expansion will involve a great deal of investment and resources, the integrity of your report is vitally important. Be sure that your report is accurate, well-researched, thorough, and attractive.
Our group:
Selling trucks to Germany?
My part in the group report:
Communication( body language, greetings, language barrier and so on)

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