International Business – The internationalisation strategies of and MNC from an EE – Geely
Dear HR and Writer,
This is an order with a tight deadline and the assignment needs to be done to an excellent standard.
Please only assign – or take – this order only if the writer has done Business studies to at least a Masters level, which included studying “International Business” to a very good understanding. Also, the writer should only accept this if there aren’t any other projects they’re currently working on, and if they can realistically complete the work to a very good 2:1 standard within the 3 days specified (and paid for) – no extensions can be given.
Before moving to the question of the assignment, and the subject of the case study selected, which is Geely – the Chinese Automotive Company – I would like to ask for some standard things with this paper:
1. A Table of Content (generated using headings and MS Word, not manually typed TOC).
2. Some visuals such as map(s), graph(s), chart(s), diagram(s) etc.
3. Analysis such as PESTLE, Porter’s 5 forces etc.
3. UK spelling not US
4. Good referencing using the Harvard system.
(a) Using one specific Multinational Company (MNC) that is headquartered in one of the following countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China or South Africa, Mexico, Nigeria or Turkey – identify and critically evaluate the strategies used by the company to internationalise.
(50%) Guide – 1800-2000 words. Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 4 & 5
(b) What recommendations, i.e. future strategic direction, would you make for the MNC to sustain its competitive advantage?
(30%) Guide – 1000 words. Learning Outcomes: 4 & 5
Structure, format & standard of English (10%)
References and referencing skills (1

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