Issues and Grievances of the day in the declaration of sentiments by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Read Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s “The Declaration of Sentiments
Choose any two issues and grievances of the day that you find in “Sentiments” — analyze them: personal, religious, cultural, social, other
Provide a Works Cited in correct MLA using Lester and Lester, 14th or 15th edition and scholarly, college level critical sources.
Be sure to add all copyright information. If a source is missing copyright information, you probably should not use that material. I certainly would not.
Demonstrate depth and breadth of critical thinking at the analysis or higher level.
Reference literary elements such as allegory, symbol, metaphor, character analysis, irony, setting, theme, rhetorical devices such as words, phrases, grammar, punctuation,etc. Select no more than 3 elements to investigate.
Quote from the document and critical sources, etc. — do not over quote. Write a minimum of two full paragraphs of five to seven sentences .
Do not write in the first or second person; instead, use the academic third person.
Do not ask the reader questions in your response; it is your job to answer them

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