What words do you use to describe pain? What words do your colleagues use to describe pain? Does every patient use the same adjectives when discussing his or her level of pain?
Consider the problems these differences can create when attempting to assess a patient’s health concerns.
Health information technology has greatly increased the opportunity for the exchange of meaningful data and information across health care systems; however, in order for that to successfully occur,
care must be taken to ensure that patient data is entered in a manner that allows for that information to retain its meaning across different systems. To be able to use health information
technology to its greatest advantage, nurses need to gain an understanding of how data and information can be standardized and organized. This week, you assess the purpose of standardized
terminology in informatics. In addition, you are introduced to the continuum of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom, and you consider the key elements of each stage. Learning Objectives
Students will: Assess the importance of standardized terminologies used to document patient care Apply the data, information, knowledge, and wisdom continuum

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