Learning Portfolio counselling placement


Learning Portfolio counselling placement
Students are required to complete a learning portfolio to be submitted at the end of placement. Up to 7 hours of placement time can be allocated to this assessment.
The portfolio will include:
1. Learning contract
2. Agency profile and one page description of organization in point form
3. List of agencies, resources and networks associated with the agency.
4. Reflection on learning experience (report described below) –1500 words 5. Summary and reflection of supervision experience – 500 words
6. Placement Performance Report (form provided on pp 3 and 4 of this brief)
Write a 1500 word report on how you undertook the achievement of the outcomes and how you would rate your achievement of these outcomes in your “Self-Directed Learning
Contract”, this should include:
i. Why you chose your objectives.
ii. The way you sought to carry out the objectives.
iii. Any struggles you faced in the achievement of the objectives.
iv. How you overcame these struggles or did not, as the case may be.
v. What resources you considered available to you through the placement organisation.
vi. What the main themes were that emerged for you during your placement.
vii. How you considered your performance over your placement.
viii. How the placement has developed you personally and professionally.
ix. What career options/directions the placement has given you.
You might like to consider the relationships that you have developed over the course of your placement both with clients (if you had any) and colleagues, and how this has had a bearing on some of the above.

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