M7A1Statistical Test Proposal
You will develop a proposal for a field test todesign, implement, measure, and evaluatea Problem-Oriented Policing crime reduction program in Detroit. You will integrate thepapers attached and make revisions as you progress.http://www.popcenter.org/
This fourth paper in the series is a statistical tests proposal. Propose and justify in detail the statistical tests used for evaluation and the criteria used for determination of program efficacy.
Your proposal should include all ten elements as the past last week assignment. The seventh thru tenth points should be in detail this time. Remember you have already submitted the literature review and research questions. This should be a complete proposal that includes a detailed description and justification for all of the statistical tests you will be using for your field test.
The following list provides the elements of a research proposal.
1.  Problem or Objective
2.  Literature Review
3.  Research Questions
4.  Subjects for Study
5.  Measurement
6.  Data Collection Methods
7.  Analysis
8.  References
9.  Schedule
10.  Budget

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