Managing changes in dynamic environment -HEALTHCARE Management Master


Managing changes in dynamic environment -HEALTHCARE Management Master
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You need to respond to Activity 1 and Activity 2, please do make sure you separate each activity with the the right title (activity 1 and activity 2), you can present them in 2 different documents or all together, as long as there is a difference in each activity and please make sure to include references in each activity.
Activity 1
The core text for this module is:
Managing Change in the NHS: Organisational Change – A review for healthcare managers, professionals and researchers by Valerie Iles and Kim Sutherland.
There is also a second volume:
Managing Change in the NHS: Developing Change Management Skills
Both volumes are available in attach. The second volume is of more relevance and interest to healthcare managers as it consists of a series of healthcare case studies. The first volume is relevant to both health and social care managers and you will need to access it in order to complete the exercises I’m asking you to undertake.
– we have highlighted how factors outside of the organisation can affect what happens inside it. These factors change over time and one of the ways of checking what they are is to undertake a PESTELI analysis. This is described on p29-30 of Iles and Sutherland.
Stage 1: Please undertake a PESTELI analysis in respect of the factors affecting your organisation (private Hospital in the Middle East) at the present time.
Stage 2: Analyse which of these are helpful to your organisation and which are a hindrance and draw up a plan of action for how the organisation could respond.
Stage 3: Please explain your plan with an explanation for each of your action points so that everyone can understand your analysis
Activity 2
This last exercise is very straightforward. It is aimed at giving you time to reflect on isomorphic influences within your present and past experience.
Please identify and briefly describe up to 3 examples you can remember of any of the forms of isomorphism described today. For example, when I first moved from the statutory sector to the voluntary sector whenever I came across a situation which didn’t seem to have a system or process I can remember saying “when I worked for social services we used to do…….” A number of times my suggestions were taken on board, so the agency adopted statutory sector systems. It’s such a long time ago, that I can’t recall the specific details, but hopefully you can.
As well as briefly describing the situations please comment on whether you think the effect was positive, negative or both.

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