Managing the Internet of Things: Is it a strategic tool?
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The coursework brief will explain all the information.
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Business ProjectsInvolvingIS/IT
Coursework (Project)Title: Managingthe InternetofThings:Isit a strategic tool?
HarvardBusinessReview inNovember 2014(Volume 92,issue 11)publication hasinitiated a debateintheSpotlight sectionabout “ManagingtheInternet of Things”.
Thecontributorsto the debateand theirarticlesare:
1. MichaelE.PorterandJamesE.Heppelmann,‘How Smart,Connected ProductsAre
TransformingCompetition’(Start from page64).
2. MarcolansitiandKarimR.Lakhani DigitalUbiquity:‘How Connections,Sensors, andDataAre
RevolutionizingBusiness’ (Start from page90).
3. Alex“Sandy” Pentland,interviewed by ScottBerinato.‘WithBig DataComesBig Responsibility’ (Start from page100).
Thereisafurther recent publicationonHarvard BusinessReviewwhich deservesyourattention:
4. MichaelE.Porter,andJamesE.Heppelmann,‘How Smart,Connected ProductsAre
TransformingCompanies’HarvardBusinessReview,October2015(Vol.93 Issue 10),p96-114.
download thearticles andstudythese articlescarefully;anddofurtherresearchpreferably usingrefereedjournalarticles.
provide a Report(Essay) fromyour findings(understanding) basedontheresearch that you haveperformedtoanswertheresearch question: Is theInternetofThingscriticaltobusiness success andpossiblytobusiness Survival? Please ensurethatyourrecommendations are based
onsystematicinvestigationof thesubject area.
Structure of the essay
Question: Is theInternetofThings(IoT) criticaltobusinesssuccess andpossiblytobusiness Survival?
Introduction (250 words around)
• The aim of this essay
• Little definitions
• The trend of IoT nowadays
• Why IoT so important ?
• 3-4 arguments (state what are they) will be discussed in this essay
Main body (3-4 argument points)(1000 words around)
Question: Is theInternetofThingscriticaltobusinesssuccess andpossiblytobusiness Survival?
• Must read the 4 journals that given from the brief, use the arguments in the journal
• Arguments can also from further research
• Give examples, evidence on every points
• “Cars stream data” (new products) used asexample which is from (MichaelE.Porter,andJamesE.Heppelmann,‘How Smart,Connected ProductsAre TransformingCompanies’HarvardBusinessReview,October2015(Vol.93 Issue 10),p96-114.)
• Financial performance? use system to set the standard to avoid the accidents, and could save the data clearly.
Limitation and recommendation (100 words around)
• Less communication with people, so team work might fail (reference)
• How to improve?
Conclusion (200 words around)
• Agree or not agree the question?
? 16-17 references are needed (Harvard style), include 4 journals that mentioned above
? Show the understanding of the arguments
? Be critical
? Around 1450 words

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