Topic: managment scince – case study
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so i have done my case study but after i send to my instructor he said i need to edit it to get an A on it. he send me email today and said : ( i’ll provide for the guidelines and my work as well later )
Very good on your first draft. I would give this a C, as is. If you would like a better grade than that then I recommend you make the following changes:
TJ’s is NOT an apparel retailer. They sell nut mixes such as the Regular Mix, Holiday Mix and Deluxe Mix so create a story for why they are doing this project. (Please refer to case study I and II for background information on TJ’s.)
?In your problem statement, address the timeline for the project. Does TJ’s want to finish the project in under six months? Three months? A year??
Also address why you have uncertain activity times. Talk about how the pessimistic, optimistic, and most likely times are used to calculate the project completion time.
In your Recommendations section, use the expected completion time and variance to calculate the probability that the project will finish on time. This is where my first recommendation becomes very important. If the project is expected to be completed in 24 weeks, what is the probability it will finish on time? This will give your recommendations context.
Last, you must include the output from Management Scientist. Excel does not have project scheduling capabilities so you must use the Management Scientist Software. This is worth 15 points.

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