Millennial Considerations in Designing Benefit Plans
Research individually (or in pairs). You have been asked by your manager to be part of a workplace task force that will examine millennial employees’ needs, preferences, and expectations of benefits plans.
•Look up articles from the publication, Benefits Canada, from the U of R e-library that specifically refer to millennial (Gen Y) employees.
•Review “reasons for selection” for organizations recognized as Canada’s Top Employers for Young People (
Describe the results you found and come up with advice for your organization e.g. What benefits may be the most important to millennial employees? What communication strategies and channels should you use when communicating with millennial employees about their benefits? What types of administrative procedures and processes should the organization have in place e.g. for submitting reimbursement claims?
Write a 1 page (single-spaced) report summarizing your findings.

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