Organizational Responsibilities and a Troubled Physician
Describe the advice you would give to the CEO by addressing the following questions in a 3-to4-page paper.
1. Legal Aspects:
What are the main liability issues in this situation? Under what circumstances might the hospital itself face liability?
What is the hospital’s authority in this situation, and to whom do they have responsibilities?
As the administrator giving advice to the CEO, what further information would you need to know to proceed in this situation?
Is the medical staff process relevant to dealing with this situation, and if so, how would it be included? Who would be involved in that process?
Discuss the ethical issues that arise from this situation, focusing in particular on the providers involved.
What do you think is the organization’s ethical responsibility in this situation? Explain your reasoning.
In light of your analysis of the legal and ethical issues involved in this case, what advice would you give the CEO.
How would you as an administrator prepare for and prevent this kind of problem?

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