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Topic: Payments to Current and Retired Athletes for Concussions in the NFL
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Annotated Bibliography
The purpose of this assignment is to find five (5) credible sources that might be useful for your final proposal report and to create an annotated bibliography. This means that you will list the source in APA format and then include a one (1) paragraph summary of the source, and a one (1) paragraph evaluation of it. Your evaluation should consider credibility issues such as type of source, author, time, use of references to support. Your evaluation should also consider usefulness issues, such as how each source will help you in your final proposal.
•Memo cover page
•Introduction with purpose statement, preview of how the sources are related, and discussion of credibility standards used (see pp. 42-43)
•Five (5) sources in APA format, each with a one (1) paragraph summary of the source, and a one (1) paragraph evaluation: credibility & usefulness
•Conclusion that that discusses what you learned while doing this analysis either regarding your sources, your topic, or the process of research
•Sources cited in APA format
RESEARCH: A minimum of five (5) credible sources are required (course texts do not count)
· Double-spaced
· Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
· 1 inch margins
· Page numbers
· APA format
Optional: See Purdue OWL’s “Annotated Bibliographies” section at as well as the examples (scroll down to the APA one) at

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