Topic: Persuasive Essay on Why black and white photographic is making a comeback and why it should stay
Order Description
The topic or approach is insightful, innovative, and/or original.
The paper argues and persuades, possesses a clear sense of purpose, and shows awareness of a general or specific audience.
The paper is well organized and meets length requirements. Adequate and relevant details allow the reader to move easily from one step to the next, and to understand how each step builds on the previous. All details aid in the development of the main idea of the paper.
Supports ideas and demonstrates understanding with references and examples.
Employs correct and standard college-level English grammar, mechanics, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure, appropriate logic and voice, and MLA manuscript formatting.
Persuasive essay draft meet the minimum word count of 550 words
Avoid using external sources and relied solely on own knowledge and opinions.
Proper MLA page formatting
Double-spaced and indented paragraphs one half inch, using size 12-point font in Arial, Courier, or Times New Roman
Standard 1-inch margins
Correct grammar and punctuation and avoid conversing with the readers; that is, have you written in formal English.

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