Please feel free to choose the topic, which you are most comfortable with as all are appropriate. Choose only ONE.
Position Paper topics
Write on one of the following:
1.    The quality of democracy in Southeast Asia will not mature so long as mass political opposition movements and people power continue to override the outcomes of elections in the region.
2.    Religion and deep-seated cultural patterns in Southeast Asia have determined the type and character of regimes in the region far more than political ideologies and other external influences.
3.     Notwithstanding the great variety of forms that political regimes take across Southeast Asia, military rule has historically proven to be more efficient, more transparent, and less corrupt than rule by professional politicians and parties.
4.    Because of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC) and the ASEAN principle of not interfering in the domestic affairs of member states, ASEAN remains an ineffective organization for dealing with regional disagreements, regional security, internal governance matters, and foreign policy issues.
Position Papers must be no longer than 2000 words. Please choose one of the position statements above and argue the case—either in favour of, or against the position adopted—and provide examples from Southeast Asia in order to reach a reasonable conclusion. Please consider both sides of the position but ultimately defend one side over the other. Papers should rely on a variety of academic resources (academic books, articles) in addition to non-academic resources (reports, news or media outlets).

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