prehistoric art history essay paper
Order Description
Please write a paper of no less than 7 pages (of texts) on a topic which relates to this class.
1. Be about art or architecture. It can be about one work or a group of works, or theme shown in a work. It can be about particular technique used in works of art or architecture as well. It can be about the influence of music, literature, political, religious on a work of art. It cannot be a biography of an artist,
2. Have images (which are discussed in the paper), citations, and a bibliography. papers without those will get zero points.
3. Use Chicago manual of style for your citations and bibliographic form.
4. Not use either Wikipedia or Khan Academy as your source.
5. Use academic English.
6. Include no more than 10 % quoted materials. this should be 90% your own words.
7. Follow the accepted format, which is this order
text(without pictures), images (no more than two to a full page), and they should have captions underneath each picture, and a correctly formatted bibliography,
8. Have a page number in the upper right hand corner of each page but the first page.
Time period: prehistoric
paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic.
Egyptian: Old kingdom, middle kingdom, new kingdom,Amarna Kingdom, Aegean art, or Ancient Greece (1000-30 BCE)
All the art works of the paper should be before common area. Not modern art.
sources for this paper should be academic books or academic articles.

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