For Part B of the assignment, you will choose four transcripts of interviews done by you and your fellow students on your allocated product; you should then:
1) identify examples of strong and weak interview technique
2) analyse the interviews
3) compare the use of surveys, interviews and focus groups for doing market research on packaging
The assignment should be clearly written and readable. Last year many students lost marks because their English was poor and/or they were not able to successfully convey meaning. You should consider carefully issues such as sentence construction, grammar, structure, reader signposting and use of headings. We strongly recommend you make use of the Business & Law Academic Skills Centre (BLASC) and their useful on-line tips: http://staffnet.kingston.ac.uk/blasc/. You might also find it helpful to read Rediscover Grammar, a useful book by David Crystal (available in the library). It is always a good idea to check your work for clarity before submitting and to ask someone else to read it as well.
The recommended word-count is up to 2500 words. University regulations allow you to exceed this by 10% (i.e. 2750 words). Assignments of more than 2750 words will incur a penalty deduction of 10% of the total assignment mark, as will those that do not state the word count on the front cover. Note, however, that the appendix is not included in the word-count.

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