Right Livelihood
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Write a 4-5 page essay that explores the Buddhist concept of “right livelihood” arriving at an ethical career choice for yourself. The essay should have a clear, organizing thesis that mentions
“right livelihood.” Look at the last bullet point in the list below as you develop your thesis.
First, what is meant by “right livelihood”? How is the concept different than “job” or “career”? Address these questions by selecting, summarizing, and commenting on the concept of right livelihood
from approved website sources.
Second, what do your own job criteria tell you about the type of livelihood that would be right for you? Discuss this question by identifying the criteria you have derived from jobs and
experiences. What fields contain jobs that would meet your criteria? Would these jobs fulfill the ethical goals expressed by the “right livelihood” view of work?
Third, what have you discovered about working in the area you identified as your (possible) “right livelihood”? Conduct interview(s) or other research into personal stories of work experience in
that field.
Finally, do you think the concept/teaching of “right livelihood” is helpful for someone (for you) trying to decide about a career? Or trying to decide how to make work more bearable and more
Use MLA document formatting: 1” margins, 12pt Times Roman or Verdana font, double-spaced lines; no space between paragraphs; paragraph indent; page numbers and last name at top right of each page;
name/essay 3/date single-spaced at top left of first page; title centered on first page 12pt, no extra space..
A Works Cited page, using correct MLA format, is required.

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