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FINAL RESEARCH PROJECT REPORT EVALUATION WILL BE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING ISSUES: Please read carefully because your final exam questions will be also based on those issues.
1-Final Research Report Format:
The content of the report should include the essential parts of a report like
Introduction (Broad Problem Area, The reason of making such a research and the importance of the topic for the stakeholders who are interested about the findings)
Literature Review. Background information. Previous findings about the topic. Refer the lecture notes titled as “How to write a literatüre review”. Please remember that in your project title and
article review homework, you have been asked to answer some questions. The answers of these questions are the basic issues you should consider while evaluating the literature about the topic.
Theoretical Framework (Refer to lecture notes, Theoretical framework is building the logical reasoning between the variables (factors, dimension) related with the problem you are investigating.
Methodology ATTENTION PLEASE: This part (methodology) of your project is just going to be designed but not actually needed to be applied. However you do not need to collect the data either from
primary or secondary sources and conduct the research. Just briefly explain what to do at each step of the research design phase.
Type of the research as exploratory, descriptive or causal, type of the hypothesis like correlational or comparative by justifying the reason of your choice.
Data Collection and Analysis: Explain how the data is going to be collected and which statistical analysis is appropriate to use for testing your hypothesis.
Conclusion (Discussion, comments). Make conlusions as if you have supported or not supported the hypothesis. Based on the expected findings make some conslusion, discussion and comments.
2- References:
References should be up to date. You should have read articles related with your topic and those articles should have some research so that you can evaluate a similar research done on the same
3- Research Process and Research Design steps should be clearly explained in the research report.
Research project evaluation criteria
(10 pts) Is there a clear, precise definition of the problem. Is the solution provided by the study will have any implication to the related parties. (parties like Marketers, HR people, C level,
Government units, etc.)
(15 pts)Is there a literature survey, evaluation of the previous researches with respect to the variables that have been investigated, with respect to the research methodology used. In this
section, I should be convinced that you know what you are doing and you are equipped with the minumum necessary information about the topic that you are investigating.
(10 pts) Theoretical framework: Are the variables clearly identified and the relationship between them are stated depending on the knowledge gathered through literature survey and depending on your
logical beliefs.
(15 pts) Hypothesis generated depending on the theoretical framework? Develop as much hypothesis as possible. Try to formulate comparative, correlational hypothesis Please do not FORGET that you
are not going to apply the research you have designed but you are responsible to design (PLAN) the research. In other words just explain how to conduct the design part of the research. As you are
not responsible for making the empirical research, what is important for me will be the quality of the hypothesis that you can state. Quality means the variables mentioned in the hypothesis are
operationally defined (measurable) so that the hypothesis can be tested. Notice that hypothesis are the propositions which are stated at empirical level.
(15 pts) Design of the research: You should absolutely have something to tell about every component of the research design. What is important for me is whether you are aware of every component of
the research design and able to select among the alternatives of each component depending on your purpose of the study and your problem definition. You should plan the design phase as good as
possible. Whether you can achieve or not, at least your plan should be as close as possible to perfect scientific research design. If you know how a rigorous (serious) scientific research is
conducted than you can easily realize the applicability of the research design. In other words what you can do and what you can not do actually so that you will be aware of the limitations in your
(10 pts) Operational definitions of the variables that are used in hypothesis
(10 pts) The method of data collection should be determined and the statistical analysis that is planned to be applied should be explained. You may explain the method of analysis by hypothetical
(5 pts) If the data is planned to be collected through questionnaire, not the whole questionnaire but some example questions with the appropriate scales should be given as example.
(10 pts) Types of findings expected to be found? Like a positive or a negative association, higher or lower sales level, more or less satisfaction. In accordance with your hypothesis, discuss about
the findings you expect to find as a result of the analysis.
P.S: Please only use the sources I uploaded.

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