Topic: STEP 1. Look at the required readings provided so far. This includes:
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STEP 1. Look at the required readings provided so far. This includes:
• Classical Criminology (White & Haines)
• Classical Criminology (Vold)
• Beccaria (1764) on_crimes_and_punishments
STEP 2. Find a quotation from one of these readings that seems to you to be very important, or had a significant impact on your thinking about social order or social control. PUT THIS QUOTATION AT THE TOP OF YOUR POST. Reference it properly using Harvard style guidelines.
STEP 3. Include in your post a hyperlink to a recent news story that seems relevant or connected to your quotation. You should use the hyperlink button in the post editing tools so we can go directly to your suggested story. See below.
STEP 4. Explain the connection between the quotation and the news story in no more than one paragraph. This shows that you have not only done the reading but also can interpret and apply material to real life situations.
STEP 5. Comment on the story and link posted by another student. Try and include a question in your comment to stimulate further discussion.
NOTE: Bonus marks will be given for clarity of expression and correct use of referencing (including a bibliography).
3. ALL NOTES will be no more than 2xA4 sides
4. Students should use the following format:

o Size 10 font. Times New Roman
o Single Spaced
o Default/standard margins (2.5cm)

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