Topic: Strategic Choice for International Marketing
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This is one of four assignments I am submitting with the same topic. Please avoid writing all 4 with the same product.
Assignment Overview:
You are to assume you are responsible for International Marketing in your organization. The company is based in your own country, or a country of your choice. You have been tasked with the
responsibility of launching your product/service in another country.
Note: you need to research, select & justify a company suitable for this assignment.
You are to research & propose the launch of your chosen organization’s product/service into a specific NEW foreign market, i.e. a country that your chosen organization does not currently export to.
Note: you need to choose & justify your destination market.
To do this you will address the three sections below, and compile your findings into a 4500 word report. You must demonstrate your wider reading of appropriate academic literature throughout (i.e.
full reference using Harvard Referencing Style or format) in order to support your viewpoints.
Assignment Detail:
You are to produce an academic report that covers the following issues:
Task 1:
Discuss Market Selection & your final destination country. Include an Environmental Analysis of the targeted market (An examination of Macro and Micro factors) (1800 words)
Guide notes: Justify your choice of international market for your organization through a critical examination of its market environment. Use relevant marketing tools & techniques for this (justify
your selection) & underpin your answer with references to relevant academic marketing literature.
You may consider aspects of culture and buyer behavior, and how these present opportunities and threats to you in your chosen destination. You may also include a discussion of legal & ethical
issues in your answer. Again, underpin your answer with references to relevant academic marketing literature.
Learning Outcomes 1&2: ‘Critically evaluate the challenges faced by managers in the development and deployment of global marketing strategy’ and ‘Understand and apply a range of alternative models
and concepts in dealing with complex global marketing planning issues in order to achieve competitive advantage’.
Task 2:
Devise a Marketing Mix Strategy for your selected product & destination from Task 1 above (1800 words)
Guide notes: Use relevant marketing tools & techniques for this (justify your selection) & underpin your answer with references to relevant academic marketing literature. In addition, discuss &
justify which elements of the chosen marketing mix strategy should be standardized or adapted – justify your answer.
Learning Outcome 3: ‘Critically evaluate the processes and outcomes in the implementation of the global marketing planning process’.
Task 3:
Develop a Foreign Market Entry Strategy for your selected product/service & destination by combining your key findings from Tasks 1 & 2 above & discuss how Internet and Social Networking tools
could be used to promote/support this strategy (900 words)
Guide notes: Critically discuss the market entry strategy process that is most appropriate for your chosen products into the proposed international market. Explore whether use of internet and
social media can enhance that approach.
Learning Outcome 4: ‘Successfully deploy relevant critical, analytical and academic skills in an extended piece of writing related to global marketing’.
Task 1 & 2 are marked 40% each (focus more on them) while Task 3 is marked 20%.
Feel free to use diagrams/charts/tables throughout the report. Incorporate methods and theories throughout the report such as: marketing mix (the 4 P’s), promotional strategies, strategy
approaches, PEST Factors, SWOT Analysis, market entry strategies, segmentation, product-market profile, positioning.
It is preferable to write about a product rather than a service as it is easier for market entry.
Important: All of the references must be incorporated within the report, not just referenced in the bibliography alone. 90%+ of the references must be academic (books, journals, etc.) not websites.

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