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Please very very simple like high school, see the instructions below, chose any organization website like St. Louis zoo and answers these questions but do not use St. Louis zoo try to find another
website and let me know the website name
Submitting a text entry box, a website url, a media recording, or a file upload Write an academic paper using MLA format that analyzes a news website or a corporate website. Answer the following
What are the strengths associated with the way information is presented on the site? (20%)
What are the weaknesses associated with the way the information is presented on the site?(20%)
Is social media used to help promote the site and the site’s content? (20%)
Are photographs, infographics and video used on the site? How would you rate the impact? (20%)
How are comments or feedback handled? (10%)
How does this site compare to the site’s competitors? (10%)
Your paper should be three to five pages long. You do not need to follow AP Stylebook for this paper.

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