Synthesizing the Literature
To introduce the following topic: synthesis of literature
The student will be able to…
?    Create an evidence based table
?    Write a brief synthesis of literature
?    Assignments:
?    Create an evidence table using the template provided to you ( I have attached the table template). The sample contains student content and faculty feedback in bold to help clarify items for each category of the template.
?    Synthesize the research findings from 3 research based articles (research studies) that relate to your area of interest or practice. Include a title page and reference page in addition to a 3-4 page synthesis paper (a total of at least 5 pages).
?    Attach a pdf file of each article along with your submission
Please NOTE: This assignment has two components, an evidence table and a synthesis paper. The Research articles can be on any topic that you are interested in. Be sure that you select 3 Research articles for this review. In this assignment only an article that is a report of a primary research study will be acceptable for the template and the synthesis paper. Attach a pdf file of each article along with your submission. You must submit the articles or your grade will be a zero!

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