Telephone and internet scams; pyramid schemes,


Telephone and internet scams; pyramid schemes,
Paper details:
ength: 1000-1300 words. The word count does not include the required Works Cited or Reference page, headers (MLA) or running head (APA), heading (MLA) or title page (APA), and in-text/parenthetical citations. Be aware that the paraphrased and quoted material does count.
There are restrictions for the kinds of sources you use for the third and fourth essays and the annotated bibliography: As stated in these assignments’ guidelines, with the exception of government (.gov) websites and articles, “Internet sources” are unacceptable.  The aim of English 1102 is to provide you with a foundation upon which you can build as you continue your studies. This includes developing academic research skills.
However, I am aware that you may want to cite research not available through our library, library’s databases, interlibrary loan, and government agencies. Often, the Centers for Disease Control or National Institutes of Health will direct us to credible organizations (.org), and on occasion, .com articles. If you have discovered a source that does not meet the assignment’s source requirement, you MAY ask for an exception to be made on your behalf. To do this, you must send me an email (include a specific email subject: I receive numerous emails daily. If I see that you’re requesting an exception, I will respond much more quickly than if you leave the subject blank or include a vague/unclear subject.). In that email, you must provide me with answers to the following questions:
1.    What kind of source is this? Be specific.
2.    How did you discover this source?
3.    When was it published? When was it last updated?
4.    Who authored it?
5.    If provided, what are the author’s credentials? If attribution is not given to a specific author, what organization or agency authored the article?
6.    Who is the publisher/sponsor?
7.    What is the source’s purpose (is it to inform, persuade, entertain, etc.?)?
8.    Is it fact? Propaganda?
9.    Is it biased? Stereotyped?
10.    What kind of information does the article include/address?
11.    How complete and accurate is this information?
12.    What kinds of sources are cited throughout this source?

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