Tennessee V. Garner; Criminal Case Study
Criminal Case Study Brief explanation and its importance to law enforcement today. Details attached.
Tennessee V. Garner
1-    Fact of Case:  Simply write what happened- the relevant actions of the parties that resulted in the case going before a court of law. Include how the case got to the court got to the court that wrote opinion – procedural history – what happened in the flower courts?
2-    Issues Presented: What is the question before the court?
3-    Holding: What is the answer given by the court?
4-    Opinion: What is the court’s reasoning behind its decision/holding? What is the rule of law that comes from the case and how is it applied herein?
5-    Concurring Opinion (If applicable): Why did any concurring judge join the holding of the majority but not the opinion?
6-    Dissenting Opinion (If applicable): Why do the dissenting judges differ from the majority?
7-    Explain its importance to law enforcement today.

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