The current issue research that you know. (CIR) Local Issue.


The current issue research that you know. (CIR) Local Issue.
The Current Issue Response (CIR) will be informal and one page in length.
These papers must be typed, following MLA Standards including a work cited or Reference page
CIR should do the following:
1. Improve analytical skills
2. Improve argumentative writing skills
3. Expand critical thinking
4. Attain knowledge of current issues, locally, nationally and globally
5. Challenge personal ideologies
Your Task: Your CIR should vary from local news to world news.
•    Begin  your  CIR  by  properly introducing the topic,  the  name  of  the  article  and it’s  author  or  editor.
•    Explain what sparked your interest in this particular topic.
•    Respond  to  the  issue here  you  can  discuss  how  you  feel,  offer  solutions,  validate the  issue  or  problem,  expand  on  frustrations,  etc.
Keep  in  mind  that  response  papers  are  informal  records  of  your  thoughts,  impressions and  reactions;  therefore  writing  a  complete  summary  of  the issue  is  not  acceptable. Being  right  is  irrelevant:    there  are  no  right  or  wrong  responses. What  I want  is  your  thoughtful  engagements  with  these  current  issues,  happening  now,  today.
•    Length at least one FULL page, please not more than1 ½
•    You must include a works cited page and provide in-text citation if you incorporate quotes. Failure to do either of these is a  form  of  plagiarism  and  will  result  in  an  automatic  zero.
•    You  ARE  allowed  to  use  first  and  second  person  references  (“I”  and  “you)
•    Follow  ALL  MLA  guidelines

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