The geology enrichment activities are intended to get you to think about some aspect of geology outside of the classroom.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to, geologic hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides), natural resources (oil, minerals), fossils, and geologically related environmental issues. You can do any of the following for your activities:
1 Read any sort of article dealing with geology in any form of mass media (newspaper, magazine, television, etc.).
2 Watch a documentary (on television, a video, or IMAX show, etc.) that deals with geology.
3 Attend a seminar about geology (I will let you know if any such seminars will take place nearby)
4 Attend a field trip (I will do a few field trips during the semester).
To get credit for the activity, you must turn in a one-page report summarizing some of the scientific aspects of the activity. You must list your source at the end of your report. One point will be deducted if you do not. The paper must be fairly well-written. If I notice three errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation, I will also deduct a point.
Reports are turned in on Canvas and are screened by Turnitin. Reports that have a similarity score of 20% or higher can only receive a 50% grade. Reports that have a similarity score of 40% or higher will receive 0 points. Reports may be rewritten and resubmitted before the due date.

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