“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something…”
This paper has several steps I will need a paper showing brainstorming, outline, rough draft and final instructions on these will be in attached. Please following attached instructions to the tee this is very important. The paper needs to be SIMPLE not over the top . Include some figurative speech if possible. Could you send brainstorming and outline separately when finished? Please use correct English. This paper is about 18-year-old male. He lives a pretty simple life and likes to hang with friends, hunt and work out at the gym. Plans on attending 2-year college for John Deere tech this fall and work for a John Deere Implement. I love all things in life. Pretty laid back kind of person. I love challenges and family and friends. I hope for a challenge in life that will bring success, faith( this needs to be stronger but don’t write about too much), love and to live a life of happiness, success,faith, and a healthy life style.

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