Topic: The integration of ICT in teachers pedagogical approach: the belief, practice, and attitude of Saudi intermediate schools
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this is my masters proposal It is case study method about one intermediate school in Dammam city in Saudi arabia) I will make interview whith 4 teachers and distribute questionnaires for all the teachers in this school and it is devoted to teachers only not students or principles>>>plz I need to write a matrix table for lit review ( 10 articles for each variable) and as u know I have 3 IDV belief ,attitude and practice and 1 DV integration of ICT .
I will attach the format of the matrix table and all what u have to do is to select the best 10 resources for every one single variable so that you will collect 40 articles for 4 variables.
then the second task is to write a lit review in two pages only
the matrix table should consists of (Arthur-year-title-problem statement-methodology-sample-findings-recommendation)
in addition, plz write two paragraph or one as it comes with you in (research question-objective-limitation of study-significance of study-aim of study)

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