The Process of Problem Solving


The Process of Problem Solving
Paper details:
Review Chapter 7 of Working with People, and locate the Bill of Rights chart. (University of Phoenix)
Review Chapter 8 of Working with People, and locate the “Structure of the Helping Process” section.
Locate 2-4 Individual Care Plan examples and identify their similar components.
List 9 key elements which structure a human services workers mannerisms in the helping process.
Consider how each element can be implemented to address the following scenario:
“Anna, a 72 year old lady, has been living in her own home all of her adult life. She has been living alone since her husband of 30 years passed away 5 years prior. Recently, she has displayed behaviors that require 24-hour skilled care (i.e. disrobing, forgetting to take medications, refusing to bathe, inability to dress appropriately, and verbally and physically aggressive towards her children). Anna’s son has decided to pursue long-term care services for his mother. Anna is resistant to the idea.”
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper including answers to the following questions:
What role(s) will the human services professional play in the scenario above?
Identify the barriers that could surface and how you would overcome the barriers identified.
What is the anticipated outcome of the human services professionals’ intervention?

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