the role of an external consultant


assume the role of an external consultant for your assigned sector: Estate Agents. Your organisation* is planning to adopt social media in order to support and enhance its external and internal
communications and knowledge management. You will need to investigate how the adoption of social media has (or will) transform the way organisations within your sector interact with their
stakeholders, that is, employees, partners, customers/clients, suppliers and other parties.
You are expected to produce a consultancy report that thoroughly researches the use of social media and social networks in your allocated sector (estate agents) and recommends a comprehensive
social media strategy.
Your report should include a thorough literature review on the adoption and existing use of social digital technologies in the estate agents sector. It should include a wide variety of social media
technologies and their application, or potential application in your sector. The report should identify the business drivers involved; explore benefits and opportunities; outline potential
obstacles and adoption issues, both internally and externally; cover impact analysis and explore metrics and their implementation; provide supporting evidence and justification, including audience
needs and the role of user generated content.

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