thing learned


thing learned
Paper details:
1) Preparing an audience use and profile plan is very useful in developing the message. Describe key elements necessary for communication success when preparing messages for a) Asian and b) American audiences. (Note: The information in this case is essentially the same).
2) Visual imagery can either enhance or detract from the intent of message sender. Cite specific examples of the appropriate use of imagery that helped tell the story as well as negative examples that confused the message. Specifically, cite examples from a) Excel graphics b) photographs and c) artwork when answering this question.
3) Describe 3-5 factors you would consider when developing a persuasive message.
4) How do we know when a document has achieved the desired result? What are key components that signal success?
5) The level of detail is an important element when providing instruction. What can you do to ensure the instruction and level of detail is appropriate?

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