tobacco control


tobacco control
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-Task 1: Provide a brief literature review on the FCTC and the studies of the effectiveness of
two components of the FCTC. Useful articles and resources can be accessed in Moodle.
-Task 2: Provide a brief overview of the FCTC including its aims, history, outcomes and
monitoring. Global case study
-Task 3: Choose two of the Articles of the FCTC. Describe them, and evaluate the degree of
implementation of the two Articles and the evidence of their effectiveness in three
countries, two developing countries and one developed country. You can access the
resources from different countries in Moodle.
-Task 4: Compare the similarities and differences of implementation of the FCTC in the three
countries you have chosen. The three countries you chose should NOT be a repeat of the
countries you have described in Activity 1 A, B and C. You may wish to tabulate this.
-Task 5: Describe a feasible and effective approach to reducing smoking-related harm using
any of the Articles described in the FCTC, but not the ones you have already described in this
assignment. Apply this new Article in any Western country.
-Task 6: Describe the surveillance and monitoring of the FCTC. How is this accomplished?
-Resources: 6 resources, check the “sources file”.

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