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The purpose of this assignment is for students to critically analyse a recent health promotion
intervention with reference to the Ottawa Charter. The assignment ensures students understand World
Health Organisation principles and are able to critically analyse the extent to which these principles are
applied through interventions that are reported in the research literature.
Students are required to select an article from the recent peer-reviewed research literature (past 5
years, 2011 onwards) that reports a health intervention. An intervention means a health change that was
planned to address a health issue (reduction in smoking, increased road safety etc.). Choose an article
on a health issue or topic that interests you.
In a 1000 word (±10%) essay you must answer each of the following questions:
– Were all principles of the Ottawa Charter used in this intervention? Analyse the extent to which
each principle was used (or not used).
– How were equity principles addressed in the intervention?
– How can the intervention be improved to better address all principles of the Charter? Make at
least 3 recommendations.
Students are expected to think critically and evaluate the extent to which each principle in the Charter
was applied (or not) in the article. Students should question the strategies used in the intervention and
identify strengths and/or weaknesses of each strategy in relation to WHO documents.
Students need to make recommendations as to how the intervention reported in the article could be
improved, i.e. what principles were not used or not applied well and how could they have been applied
better? To do this, students will need to be familiar with the topic and current literature on the topic.
Students will need to find evidence and arguments from relevant literature to back up
It is important that:
– the article is recent (within the last 5 years, 2011 onwards), from a peer-reviewed source, and
NOT a review article / protocol article / meta-analysis / letter to the editor.
– your tutor must approve your chosen article (by Week 4 tutorial).
– you are required to submit both your critical analysis assignment and a PDF copy of the article
online through Turnitin. There will be two separate links provided to do this. If you do not
submit a PDF copy of the article, 3 marks will be deducted from your final marks for the
You will be assessed on the following:
– appropriateness of the article
– answers to the questions asked
your writing skills
– use of the APA referencing style

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