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On the day your group makes a presentation related to the day’s readings
Patterson, P. & Wilkins, L. (2013). Media Ethics: Issues & Cases (8th edition). New York: McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN: 978-0073526249 (Chapter 7)
McBride, K. & Rosenstiel, T. (2013). The New Ethics of Journalism: Principles for the 21st Century. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Press. ISBN: 978-1-6042-6561-3(Chapter 9)
you should prepare:
• A top-level analysis (not a summary) of the day’s reading. Your analysis should
be a brief synthesis of the “so what?” questions raised by the readings. In other
words, how do the readings fit into the course as a whole?
o NB: Presentations that are merely a restatement of the readings will not receive
• Multiple (at least three) examples of the applications and/or implications of the
day’s readings in examples from contemporary media
• A PowerPoint to guide your presentation

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