Topic: Undo Bangkok, Living Present With the Past: A Rise of Temperature of Bangkok Metro Politan Area As a Result of Changes in Urban Morphology, Built Enrironment, and Human Migration
Paper details:
In this proposal, the global warming has been increasing in an alarming fact throughout the globe. Bangkok, Thailand as one of the larger cities in Southeast Asia with land surface temperature increased every day at an alarming rate due to built environment, materials, covering materials, space between buildings, climatological changes, industrial productions, migration due to employments, pollutions, rapid increase in constructions, traffic, etc. A research of comparative studies to a few candidate countries such as Amsterdam, Singapore, and Myanmar. The first two countries are developed countries and Myanmar is underdeveloped/developing. Data will be gathered by: 1. Measuring Land Surface Temperature within the BMA 2. Data from landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) 3. Calculations if necessary Methodologies of research: 1. Field studies and interviews 2. Test area, a section of central Bangkok, to conduct test as how it will help to reduce land surface temperature and Heat Island effect (HI). Suggested writers/papers: 1. Manat Srivanit 2. Wanarat Konisranukul (UCL dissertation) 3. Yang Shao 4. Jariya boonjawat 5…… 6……

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