Was it justified to boycott the Oscars 2016?
Anything related to the rise and stardom of African-Americans in the entertainment industry. (Including blackface if you want )
This is an argumentive essay with counter-arguments
“My” point of view is they had every right to boycott the Oscars,
Include the annotated bibliography
You may mention the aftermath of the 2016 Oscars
Mention the history of the Oscars.
Most of all, Please follow the instructions in the two guidelines I will give to you
Market Positioning for Success
Starting a business venture requires research into various areas that will make the business successful. Of great importance is the concept of market positioning for the success of the business. So, what is marketing? It is defined as a process of management where goods and services move from the concept generation to customer through the development of a product, determination of the price of the product, the distribution channel, and the promotional strategies as well (Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel 54). The purpose of this article is to brainstorm ideas on how we can position our products for success. It states the things to be considered when determining market positioning. Businesses are required to do market positioning for growth and survival of their companies.
To enable us to understand how a business has to be positioned, three questions have to be considered. These questions require research to be carried out in order to determine the correct path to be taken for success. What is the demand for our market/products is the first question to be considered. There is a need to know how much demand there is for our products. The next thing to consider is what the key strengths of the business are. This involves what the business does best that will make its products stand out (Parrott 38). The issue of our competitors also needs consideration. Who are our competitors? What do they do that makes them stand out? There is a need, therefore, to know our competitors well (Ruzzier, Ruzzier, and Hisrich 23 ). Carrying out a SWOT analysis of the competitor’s business and your own business can be helpful. Understanding the three concepts can help position a business on its way to success.

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