‘With reference to a range of large-scale event examples, critically assess how terrorism since the Munich Bombings in the 1970s has affected security at Mega & Major Events ‘
Task Details:
Individually prepare a 10minute voice annotated PowerPoint presentation in which you cover the following elements:
? Examine various mega and major events and assess the impacts that terrorism has had on the security of these events (you need to compare and contract with those example!!)
? Make reference to a broad range of planning and logistical theories to support the discussion
? Analyse and comment on how changes in terrorism and security will affect the possible future
planning of Mega & Major events (it is means that you must analysis the past, current and future in terrorism and security!!!, moreover, you need to what technology will use in future, I mean that what the planing methods will use in mega events to ensure the safety.)
So the examples are: Sochi 2014 Olympics Game, the Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup, Rio 2016, Brazil 2014 World Cup.
Because this is 10 minutes voice annotated powerpoint presentation, it means I need record my own voice into the powerpoint, so please write down the words that peer page I need to say in the additional notes (this is very importance thing!!!), then I will record by myself.
This presentation’s form is like a report, so it is need have the content page, introduction, headings, subheadings and highlights. And must put the images, videos, hyperlinks of PDF on it.

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