working with shelter animals to improve behaviour / welfare and successful adoption
Be sure to:
(a) Outline the issue, tell me why this an issue worth looking at.
(b) Provide an overview of relevant literature highlighting the gaps – while this section can take a broad approach initially, make sure to focus on issues/ideas that are relevant to one (or more) of the Learning theories we cover in the course (eg Classical or Operant Conditioning, Social Learning Theory etc)
(c) Present and critically discuss one research article that addresses one (or more) of the gaps you highlighted in (b). Be sure to highlight/discuss the implications of your chosen article including directions for future research and/or application.
You must utilise at minimum of FIVE references within your essay, with at least FOUR being peer-reviewed journal articles. Appropriate references must be used; that is, the use of Wikipedia (or similar), online (or printed) dictionaries and popular media (i.e., magazines, non-academic websites) sources are not acceptable at this level and will result in loss of marks.

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