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June 11, 2021
  Behaviorism and Social Learning TheoriesPrior to beginning work on this discussion, please read the following required sources:“Behaviorism and Essential Concepts for Pediatric Behavioral Sleep
June 11, 2021

assessment in my organization

Assessment in My Organization

A well thought-out plan for assessment in your organization should be short and concise. Sometimes explaining the plan to someone that knows very little about your organization is a good strategy to clarify things. The summary of assessment in your organization should describe where the organization is with reference to assessment and evaluation, where it is going, why it’s going there and how it is going to get to that place.

Merge your assignments from previous weeks into a one- to two-page summary of assessment in your organization.

For this assignment, review and compile components from your Assessment Matrix (Week 2), View of Stakeholders and Response by Facilitator (Week 2), and Project Plan (Week 3) to form a summary of Assessment in My Organization.

It may be helpful to think of this as an early draft abstract or executive summary of your Project Presentation(to be developed in Week 7). Below are some steps to follow as you get started on this assignment.

  1. Review your My Assessment post and discussions from this past week.
  2. Analyze and consider assessment in the context of your organization.
  3. Review the Required Studies and readings.
  4. Based on your My Assessment post, analysis of your post, and the Required Studies, include a figure (table) that summarizes information from the Assessment Matrix you developed in Week 2 (simple copy and paste is fine).
  5. Include a description, graphic, or figure that summarizes information from the Project Plan you developed in Week 3 (again simple copy and paste is fine).
  6. Summarize the information from the View of Stakeholders and Response by Facilitator you developed in Week 2.
  7. Include the following in your three- to four-page summary:
  8. A brief introduction of the purpose of assessment in your organization,
  9. Description of assessment in the context of other assessments included in your Assessment Matrix
  10. New or proposed assessments and detail about existing assessments that you discovered
  11. The View of Stakeholders and Response by [assessment] Facilitator,
  12. Changes you would make to assessments that would improve results or outcomes
  13. A conclusion that summarizes insights you gained from this assignment.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Consider what will be necessary to compile your Project Presentation over the coming weeks.


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