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January 17, 2021
why can it be challenging to remain ethical in the midst of sometimes contentious gender relations-related issues
January 17, 2021
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Assignment 1 Swot Analysis

The two health care organizations you must use are Lab Corp and Quorom Healthcare.

This week you will complete a SWOT Analysis of a health care organization. You should conduct a SWOT analyses for each of your approved healthcare organizations using the 2×2 SWOT diagram in the assignment guidelines.

The graphic in the link is a summary of the common questions addressed during a SWOT analysis. You are not required to answer each item; however, they may be helpful to highlight the key areas if you intend to complete the Extra Credit component of this assignment.

NOTE: This assignment is submitted in POWERPOINT with SPEAKER NOTES Pages. You will be graded on the information in the note pages, as it will be read as you are delivering the presentation to the audience.

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