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Assignment introduction and conclusion is one of the most important paragraphs in entire assignment writing. Until or unless you don’t write a solid introduction and conclusion you will be unable to draft a professional assignment. In order to write a mind-blowing assignment it is necessary your essay introduction and conclusion must only contain relevant material; irrelevant material will weaken your assignment.

Assignment introduction:

The heart of an assignment is the good introduction. It is necessary that it must capture the interest of the reader and induce him or her to read the full content. Avoid writing the irrelevant material; focus on adding the most relevant material. Make sure your assignment introduction must be free from grammatical and punctuation errors otherwise, reader will not take your assignment seriously. An effective introduction:

  • Must introduce the topic
  • If your topic is problem solving then it must state your problem in brief
  • It must gives the reader a clear and concise overview of what you are about to discuss in your assignment
  • If your topic contains arguments, your introduction must define that argument in brief and concise manner

Your introduction not only guides the reader what you are trying to tell them but, also helps you to structure your assignment in a logical way. Be specific in writing the introduction of your assignment; avoid using the first person in the first paragraph of your assignment. Background information in the first paragraphs of your assignment serves as a bridge to tie the reader to the topic of an assignment.  

Assignment conclusion:

The last and also the important paragraph of an assignment is conclusion. Conclusion contains the main points you have included in your assignment in brief; the significance of your study; the cost of not knowing about this topic; and the limitations to your approach.

Avoid: Beginning your assignment conclusion with an unnecessary phrase; introducing the new idea in the conclusion; ending without any substantive change in thesis statement. This will weaken your assignment and you will be unable to get good grades.