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If you want to choose a best topic for your dissertation, facing problem in finding a good topic that will help you to attain good marks, want to create a sound piece of work than it is necessary to choose a topic that is presentable, understandable and manageable. We can say that a good dissertation topic is a key to success for every assignment, whether it is a dissertation, essay, term paper, coursework or thesis.  Many students feel fatigued in choosing a best dissertation topic for their dissertation due to, which they seek for outer help.
Following are some dissertation topics from, which you can choose a topic of your choice:
• What is the affect of Corporate Governance on internationalization, globalization and performance of firms?
• In the intercontinental business political behavior compares and contrasts the new theoretical directions.
• How does the process of globalization crash the way in which business teams work together?
• As compared to the sufficient power of non-governmental organizations, how do multinational organizations gear the growing complexity of managing itself?
• What is the effect of globalization on British business?

• A comparative study of Mergers and Acquisitions within the Aviation sector: Case study of Air India and PIA.
• Within a business unit, Can entrepreneurship be utilized as a successful organization strategy?
• What are the most significant factors that FMCG industry is facing in the US?
• In developing the CSR skills what is the role of business education?
• What is the affect of brand management on product availability?
• How can innovations maintain brands?
• How does Wall Mart use its reliability schemes to sell direct to the customer?
• What is the relation between individualism-collectivism authority and the sales of mobile phones?
• In mobile marketing communications, discuss the role of time
• What is the role of micro finance in US banking industry?
• Monetary services to the rural population: A study on the role of retail banks in the US.
• Are emerging markets cheap?
Above are some best dissertation topics. Whether, you want to write a dissertation for graduate, master or doctoral degree you can choose a best dissertation topic from this list.