10 Ways Math Makes Kids Lives Better


 Math  is probably the hardest subject in school. Many of you  do  not like  math . You might have wondered why  math  is taught in schools. What is the importance of  math  in real life? What is the use of multiplication or division in real life? What will happen if we  do  not learn  math ? These are some of the questions that arise in your mind. You will be delighted to learn that  math  plays a key role in our lives by providing us many great things.

1.  Math  is an important subject. It is used in nearly all our everyday activities. You go to the shopkeeper and buy something. He calculates the total price and you pay him  money . If you  do  not know addition then you would not be able to purchase anything from the shop on your own. You will need the help of some one to calculate the total price for you. By learning  math  you can solve many of your problems. You  do  not depend on others for such regular activities.

2. Your life is regulated by proper division of time. The time table in your school is made by using  math . Even at your home you divide time for various activities. You make a routine in which there are different timings to watch television and  do  your  homework , etc. if you don’t learn  math  then you may not be able to manage your daily activities properly.  Math  helps you schedule many things so you have more time to have fun.

3.  Math  can help you to calculate traveling time and distance. You can measure the distance from your school to your house and divide it with your traveling speed to find your exact traveling time. It enables you to count, add or subtract various amounts of things in your life. For instance, if you want to divide chocolates amongst your friends, then you must know how to divide.

4. When your mom or dad brings in something to eat, for example a pizza, you can give every person his or her share, by using  math . You can  do  that by dividing the pieces of pizza for your family members. If you are four family members then every one will get two pieces out of the eight pieces of pizza.  Math  makes your life better by helping you out in everyday activities.

5.  Math  gives you the power to solve every day problems in real life. For example, your mom gives you some  money  to buy a pen and a notebook from the stationery store. There are various pens and notebooks at the shop that have different prices. If you  do  not know how to add the prices then you will not come across the right combination. You will need the help of the shopkeeper to buy a pen and a notebook that costs equal to the amount of  money  that you have. Without learning  math  you will face many difficulties while shopping.

6.  Math  creates confidence in you so that you can  do  your chores by yourself. You gain confidence by solving various problems.

7.  Math  fosters analytical powers. You begin to realize the truth behind every thing and how to solve a problem. You solve various mathematical problems in your school and this improves your problem solving abilities.

8.  Math  can help you in decorating your study room by using various geometrical shapes.

9. There are many products that offer discounts and extras in the form of percentages. If you know percentages, you will know the real amount of discount offered to you.

10.  Math  also helps you in making drawings. You can draw various types of lines and geometrical shapes that you have learned in  math .


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