3 Credits within 2 Weeks: Quick College Credit with CLEP


While many students struggle through weeks of difficult and expensive college courses, others gain quick college credit by passing a CLEP test. CLEP, or the college level examination program, is a program that allows students the opportunity to receive 3 to 12 college credits by simply taking an equivalency test. 

Most students spend years completing college courses without ever even hearing about CLEP. CLEP can greatly shorten the time required to complete a degree, thus allowing students to begin their future careers as soon as possible. Additionally, CLEP offers students a great deal of flexibility, as they may learn the materials needed to pass the CLEP test at their own pace and around their own schedule. This alone makes CLEP a valuable opportunity that many students use to advance their education and gain valuable college credit in much reduced times.

CLEP is currently accepted for college credit by 2,900 accredited colleges around the world. This allows students the opportunity to earn fast college credit at the school of their choice, while continuing to take traditional classes at the student’s discretion. However, many times a student will utilize CLEP as an affordable way to quickly complete difficult and expensive prerequisites, in order to speed up their education.

Collegeboard, which is the creator of CLEP, currently offers 33 CLEP exams. These exams range in subjects from introductory business classes, to foreign languages, to advanced classes, such as calculus. Generally, the CLEP exam will cover all of the material that a student would learn throughout one semester of a specified course, thus earning the student 3 college credits upon passing the exam. However, some of the CLEP exams will cover the material that a student would learn throughout one to two years worth of classes on a certain subject. Passing one of these exams would earn a student up to 12 college credits, which is usually equivalent to passing four college classes.

The cost of the CLEP test is $77.00 and will take around 90 minutes to complete. Therefore, a student could ideally earn 3 college credits in as little as an hour and a half, but because a great deal of material is covered by the CLEP exam, a student will generally need to prepare oneself. One example of a preparatory system that many students use to prepare themselves is called Speedyprep. Speedyprep offers courses that will prepare students to take 13 of the 33 CLEP tests. 

Speedyprep is a program that is guaranteed to help students earn a passing score on their chosen CLEP exam. This program uses a system that is compared to digital flashcards, which ultimately help a student easily learn and comprehend the required CLEP material. This program will even alert the student when are ready to take and pass the CLEP exam. When using Speedyprep, students are usually ready within two weeks, to take one of the CLEP tests and earn at least three quick and affordable college credits towards their degree.