3 Reasons For The Skyrocketing Demand For Universities In UK, Canada And Australia


International studies and education have become a boon for people as they seek to make their careers bright and prospective. People from many countries such as China, Singapore, India, and European countries are going for the degrees in the foreign countries. This is fuelling the demand for the foreign universities in many parts of the world. It has been observed that most of the demand is concentrated in the countries of United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, contributing to half of the total demand. The universities in these countries have been looking at a high rate of admissions by the students and the reasons for such a trend can be categorised into 3 parts.

1. The very first reason for the high demand for the universities in UK is the presence of large number of universities which are admitting the international students. Some of the top universities in UK are the Cambridge University, Oxford University, London School of Economics, University of Manchester, University of Leeds, University College London, etc. Each of these universities in the United Kingdom has a rich past of education system and plenty of people passing from them have established themselves in the social, political and economical echelons of various countries.

In a similar manner, the universities in Australia are also many, some of which are under private administrations which others being under the government sponsorships. But the common thing about many of these universities is that they have opened their gates to the international students in large numbers. Encouraged by this trend, people are going for the universities in Australia such as University of New South Wales, Bond University, Central Queensland University, Australian National University, Australian Catholic University, etc.

In Canada also, there are many universities which are admitting international students in large numbers, thereby encouraging more number of students to apply for various courses. Some of the well known universities in Canada that have been popular among the international student communities are McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University De Montreal, University of Alberta, etc.

2. Another reason for the rising demand of the foreign universities is that of the variety of courses that are being available in them. Nowadays students are seeking to pursue a variety of courses, which are usually not found in their own countries. Sometimes, people go for the international universities because of the better merits that are associated with them, instead of the lower standard courses, which they are finding in their own countries. Most of the courses being imparted in the universities in UK are above par than any other country. So, it is obvious that the international students are seeking these universities for pursuing various courses.

3. Furthermore, the procedure to take admissions and get the visa and passport clearances are being made easier by countries like Canada and Australia. Due to this, people want to get into the countries, which do not pose cumbersome details when the admission procedures are undertaken.

Studying in foreign universities for a better future is sought by people. And when they get a chance to do so, without much hassle and with better prospects, people wouldn’t be leaving out these opportunities. This has made the universities in countries like United Kingdom, Canada and Australia highly demanded among the international student communities.

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