Article speed writing is actually pretty easy – IF – you’re using a system. If you don’t have a system, you’re going to find that sometimes you hit your speed goals, and sometimes you don’t. However, if you learn an article speed writing system you’re going to find that you can start to consistently produce articles in a short amount of time.

Here’s the bare essence of the article writing system that works for me:

1. Break it down into three points.

This is a very important step. Before you start writing, of course you need to have a topic in mind. However the next step is just as important – come up with three points that you can write about related to that article. These could be anything: a benefit, a tip, an example, a whatever. Just have three of them.

2. Start writing.

Now that you’ve got the skeleton of your article, it’s time to put some flesh on it. Write a short intro (50 words). Now leave a space, and use your first point as a subtitle. Write on that point for 75 words or so, and repeat for the other two points. Now write a brief conclusion, again about 50 words. You can easily do a recap here of what you’ve already mentioned.

Remember, article speed writing is all about having a system and sticking to it. Get used to knowing how much space on the page 50 words takes, or 75 words, and you’ll quickly get a feel for how long each point should be.

3. Don’t Edit.

Article speed writing is useless if you spend a half hour editing afterwards right? So don’t. Train yourself to edit on the fly. One tip for doing this is to read what you’ve written out loud, or even as you’re writing it. Of course, make sure you use a spell checker.


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